Individual Therapy for Adults

Common concerns for adults include relationship issues, significant anxiety and/or worry, work/home/family stress, panic, significant sadness, phobias, major life changes, anger issues, and issues related to self-esteem.

Individual Therapy for Adolescents

Common concerns for adolescents include significant sadness, anxiety, issues related to self-esteem, issues related to identity and/or independence, issues related to bullying, and relationship problems.

Individual Therapy for Children

Common concerns for children include challenging behaviour at home or at school, emotional outbursts, sadness, worrying a lot, phobias, difficulty paying attention or sitting still, issues about bullying, and social skills. Parent involvement in children’s therapy is often recommended.

Family Therapy

Common concerns for parents/families include difficulty with communication, defiance, challenging behaviours at home, emotional outbursts, general unhappiness at home, and major life changes in the family.