Dr. Caroline McIsaac

Dr. Caroline McIsaac, Ph.D.

Dr. Caroline McIsaac is a clinical psychologist who provides therapy to children, teens, and families who are struggling with a wide range of mental health, emotional, behavioural, and social issues. Often the problems that bring young people to see Dr. McIsaac are at the point where they are limiting their ability to function well in day-to-day life, cope with setbacks, and find personal meaning.

Drawing on her years of experience as a staff psychologist in the Emergency Department and Mental Health Inpatient Unit at McMaster Children’s Hospital, Dr. McIsaac specializes in the treatment of complex mental health issues in young people, including self-harm, suicidality, substance abuse, trauma, and school avoidance. She uses a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, depending on the presenting issues of the young person and their family, though has a particular interest in mindfulness, emotional, and relationally-oriented therapies.

In addition to providing therapy directly to young people, Dr. McIsaac has extensive experience as a consultant and educator and has trained many multi-disciplinary staff teams at hospitals, community mental health agencies, and schools in the practice of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and the management of suicidal risk. Dr. McIsaac has also supervised the clinical work of psychologists in various stages of their postgraduate training and finds it very rewarding to give back to the profession in this way.